Most extremely expectant mothers — just eight days from their due date — are at home resting.

Not supermodel Angie Everhart.

The Dish Rag went behind the scenes of her Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula  shoot today in Hollywood.

She and her unborn son, Kayden, were posing up a storm — Mom rubbing her hands on her well-greased belly — for Palmer’s classic product that was the first stretch mark cream Angie bought when she found out she was pregnant.

Angie was a real trooper during the demanding day of print ads, TV commercials and radio chats. She did take a brief break for lunch and cuddled with her two 5-month-old Maltese puppies, Sophie and Niko, which she recently got after the death of her 13-year-old Maltese.

We’re willing to bet this is the first time the former Sports Illustrated Swimwear model has ever had to work with a belly light that kept her well-greased baby bump looking shiny and sexy. 

Hair lights, yes, Belly light, no.

Keep reading to hear about how she’s doing, the possibility of pregnant models in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition (Heidi Klum, hel-lo?), and about the father of her baby, rumored to be her former fiance, actor Joe Pesci.


So where’s the baby daddy, we wondered.

“Dad’s dad; he’s around and he’s a friend,” Angie explained. “It’s a nice situation. It’s always good to have a dad, every little boy and girl needs a father. But I think he’s gonna be involved, hopefully, as involved as he wants to be. It’s up to him.”

Oh. Kay.

We wanted to ask more details but were afraid her water might break.

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