Angelina Jolie watchers at the Cannes Film Festival got to see more of the "Mighty Heart" actress’s latest additions to her tattoo collection. Angie’s ink now includes four lines at the top of her left arm which are reportedly the geographical co-ordinates for the countries where her four children were born. Top line: Cambodia, where Maddox was born. Next, the coordinates for Ethiopia and Zahara. Then Namibia, where Shiloh was born. The last line added is for Vietnam where Pax Thien was adopted by Angie and Brad Pitt in March. These tatts cover the lasered spot formerly occupied by the name of her last husband "Billy Bob" Thornton. Current tatt total? Thirteen. Click here to read more details about all Angie’s ink-scriptions. Keep reading to see Angie’s arm before the recent needled-on addition.

Photo Credits: Tony Barson/WireImage


Photo Credits: Angelina Jolie’s arm featured just three geographical coordinates for her three children’s birthplaces at the January 2006 Golden Globes, complimenting her gray chiffon St. John couture gown. She also got an "M" tattoed on her hand for her mother, Marcheline, who died a few weeks after this event.
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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead