angry birds Angry Birds: Coming soon to Windows and TVIf you’re one of the few people left who has yet to succumb to Angry Birds, it’s about to get even harder to avoid the ubiquitous and ridiculously addictive game.

For the uninitiated, the game involves using a slingshot to launch birds at pigs. Yep, that’s it.

The game’s maker, Rovio, debuted two versions (original and Rio) of the game for Windows PCs. Both are available online at $4.95 each and require no browser to play. Just three weeks ago a version of the game debuted in Google’s Chrome web store.

But that’s not all. Rovio also announced plans to bring the game to video-streaming set-top boxes by the end of the summer.

The game originally debuted as an iPhone app in December 2009, but soon was adapted for other smartphones. According to PC World, users have downloaded the game more than 200 million times.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson