charlie sheen angus t jones two and a half men Angus T. Jones: Charlie Sheen responds to anti 'Two and a Half Men' rant

It was only a matter of time before Charlie Sheen responded to the video his former “Two and a Half Men” costar Angus T. Jones posted to the Internet where he begged fans to stop watching the series because it is “filth.” Though Jones has since apologized to the cast and crew, Sheen says he blames series creator Chuck Lorre for Jones’s religious meltdown.

“Obviously, not having been there for some time, the Angus T. Jones that I knew and still love is not the same guy I saw on YouTube yesterday,” Sheen tells TMZ. “I dare anyone to spend ten years in the laugh-track that is Chuck Lorre‘s hive of oppression and not suffer some form of an emotional tsunami.”

During a recent interview with People, Sheen also commented on the incident by saying, “With Angus’s Hale-Bopp-like meltdown, it is radically clear to me that the show is cursed.”

Sheen was fired from “Two and a Half Men” in 2011. He now stars on the FX series “Anger Management.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz