angus t jones stalker sarah Angus T. Jones' girlfriend speaks: 'He loves 'Two and a Half Men''Early this week, “Two and a Half Men” star Angus T. Jones released a video testimony, announcing that he’d found religion and begging fans to stop watching the show, which he called “filth.” Now his girlfriend, who is known in some internet circles as “Stalker Sarah” because she’s infamous for taking photos with celebrities, is speaking out to Celebuzz.

She says that Jones was surprised by the attention his video received because he’s used to his co-stars being the ones buzzed-about. “It wasn’t meant for the whole world. He didn’t mean for it to come across for all people not to watch the show,” she says of the video, which has over two million hits. “He was just talking to the younger fans who are studying the Bible and that they shouldn’t be watching a half hour of dirty jokes if they’re starting they’re [sic] walk with God.”

In fact, Sarah notes that Jones likes going to work… because he likes to talk to his colleagues about religion. “He loves the show, he loves everyone and has a lot of fun. And he has a lot of fun talking to them about the Church and the Bible,” she says.

As for “Forerunner,” the YouTube preacher who appears in the video with Jones and who has made controversial statements about homosexuality and President Obama, Sarah says Jones’ relationship with him is limited. “Angus met him once, they did a video together in a short amount of time. He doesn’t have anything to do with our church and no one from our church knows who he is,” she says of the Seventh Day Adventist leader. “Angus does a lot of research on the internet and comes across a lot of people. He watched his video and the guy wanted to meet him.”

Sarah also tells the site that Jones plans to go to college after this season of “Two and a Half Men,” and that the couple was under the impression that the show will end this year. “I don’t think anything is changing,” Sarah says. “That was originally the plan, that this was going to be the last season. Not just his last season, but for the whole show. Originally, he didn’t know if he was even going to be back to Season 10, because he thought about going to college.”

According to her, Jones is spending time with his family while the chatter dies down.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie