justin kirk crystal monkey animal practice 'Animal Practice': Justin Kirk and Crystal the Monkey meet Ice TUnfortunately for the talented and handsome Justin Kirk, star of NBC’s new sitcom “Animal Practice,” he is forever doomed to be upstaged by his newest costar. Why? She’s the scene-stealing Crystal the Monkey from “The Hangover Part II,” and is quite possibly the most adorable thing we’ve ever laid eyes on.

Zap2it started to speak to Kirk about the series, but once Crystal came into the picture it was hard to focus on anything else. Especially after “Law & Order: SVU” stars Ice-T and Dann Florek stop by.

“You are very pretty,” Florek says after he and Ice greet Kirk. “Well dressed monkey,” says Ice before they move along.

After the encounter, Kirk admits that he’s already accepted that Crystal will steal the show from now on. “As you can tell, this is my entree to pretty much everything now in the world,” he says.

We try to get back to discussing the show, but Kirk says there’s nothing more to add — it’s 22 minutes of a monkey sitting on his shoulder. “That is the show. You’re looking at it. Wouldn’t you watch that?”

Yes, we totally would. “Come on America. Just sit your ass down on the couch, open up some chips, and check it out,” he jokes.

Posted by:Jean Bentley