Jennifer Aniston
is widely perceived by the public as "the girl next door."

Yeah, depends on what high-priced hood you live in.

According to the Daily Mail, Jennifer Aniston spent around $50,000 on her hair for the Paris and London premieres of "Marley & Me."

Her honey-colored highlights and simple sleek hairstyle may look low-key, easy and natural.

But Jennifer’s enviable locks are anything but effortless.

She flew in her longtime hairdresser Chris McMillan to Europe for a week while she did the international "Marley & Me" premieres.

The sky-high price tag — footed no doubt by the studio — includes jetting (business or first, I would bet) McMillan back and forth between Paris and London and his swanky hotel stays (most likely in the same hotel as Jennifer).

Add in his sky-high styling fees, which allegedly cost more than $2,000 per session, according to Britain’s Daily Mail.

So do we believe Jennifer when she says she tells Oprah that she recently found — not just a gray hair — but a long gray hair?

Not at those prices we don’t.

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead