ann coulter the view abc Ann Coulter calls 'The View' braver than 'Today,' only 'mainstream media' show she'll doRepublican pundit Ann Coulter appeared on “The View” on Tuesday (Oct. 22), where she was up to her usual tricks, promoting her new book “Never Trust A Liberal Over 3 — Especially A Republican,” but while there she made a pretty hefty proclamation on behalf of the ABC chatfest.

During a conversation about whether a woman president could fix the mess in Washington, which saw Coulter stay true to form (“This probably won’t be popular with this audience. I’m not sure I agree with the premise. I think there’s a reason the words ‘b****y’ and ‘hysteria’ come from females…”), the talking head did offer her gender a concession in the form of complimenting “The View” and bashing the “Today” show. “The other thing I’ll say is, women are definitely braver than men since this is the only mainstream media show I will be doing,” she admitted. “So thank you, you’re braver than Matt Lauer.”

Oh? And as for her firm beliefs about the nature of women expressed above, Coulter quickly backed off when confronted by Sherri Shepherd about the ugliness of them. “You’re right. Men are the ones who came up with those words as words for women. Fine, you’ve won me over,” she said.

That Ann Coulter — always so steadfast in her belief.

Posted by:Billy Nilles