Outspoken right-wing mouthpiece Ann Coulter‘s jaw has — unfortunately — been unwired.

Ann Coulter’s wired shut! We’re sooo sad …

And she’s now able to open her big mouth to promote her new book "If Democrats Had Any Brains, They’d Be Republicans."

Asked about how she feels about newspapers and magazines going down the tubes, Coulter said she’s happy: "I greet every newspaper going bankrupt with joy."

She thinks it’s fabulous because it means free-market capitalism is working and that because the people want fewer newspapers and magazines, so shall there be fewer newspapers and magazines. Amen.

Do you agree with Ann?

Or do you think that people have simply changed the manner in which they get their information and that the print media are not fast enough to keep up with information disseminated on the Internet?

She also thinks that the New York Times and Newsweek magazine have compromised national security.

Can we rewire her jaw? Please?

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead