ann curry jfkawards getty Ann Curry $2.9 million brownstone squatter problemFor the last year, “Today” show co-host Ann Curry had had a tenant at her nearly $3 million town house in Manhattan. The strange thing is, she didn’t even know he lived there.

A squatter has been living at a brownstone Curry owns, but doesn’t live in, on the Upper West Side the NY Post reports.

The unidentified homeless man was evicted from Curry’s house Saturday (Aug. 13) after neighbors complained.

“The building is abandoned, for all practical purposes,” according to John Lee, who lives in the neighborhood. “It’s become an eyesore and a problem. About a year ago, I noticed someone living there with no power and no light.”

This is not the first problem at Curry’s townhouse. After buying the 3,700 square foot home in the tony part of Manhattan in 2003, she and husband Brian Ross embarked on a series of renovations. But after being charged with a series of construction violations and facing lawsuits from neighbors, the two abandoned the project.

The couple currently live in the Gramercy Park area.

When asked for comment, an NBC spokesperson says, “Ann Curry is currently traveling to Africa to cover the humanitarian crisis and could not be reached for comment.”

Posted by:David Eckstein