ann romney election rally gi Ann Romney on the 'The View': 'I'm pro life and a big TV fan'Ann Romney sat on the couch with the women of “The View,” despite her husband Mitt Romney‘s change of mind about sharing the hot seat. Right off the bat, the candidate’s wife was pressed by Barbara Walters about her position on abortion. Ann says she’s glad she’s not the one running for office, so she doesn’t have to share her views, but revealed she considers herself pro-life.

“I think we all have to understand that this is a very tender issue,” says Ann. “And there are people on both sides of the issue that — with very good conscience — come with a different opinion. And I think the most important thing we can do is have respect for each other in this dialogue.”

When pressed by “View” co-host Sherri Shepherd as to why on earth she doesn’t watch television, Ann insisted, “I’m a big TV fan.” Mrs. Romney explained she doesn’t have time to watch TV on the campaign trail, and would rather avoid the attack ads. “Are the American people sick of the ads?” she asks.

Walters also takes to the audience to ask Ann and Mitt’s son Josh about the news his brother Tagg wants to “take a swing” at Barack Obama. Josh says he’s been slugged by Tagg a few times and, “I assure you President Obama has nothing to worry about.” He goes on to clarify his older brother “didn’t mean it.”

The segment can be viewed in its entirety on ABC’s website.

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