ann-romney-bird-fish-shirt-mitt-romney-campaign-picturesProspective first lady Ann Romney drew a lot of attention — and ultimately a lot of fire — for a pricy shirt she wore on CBS “This Morning” on Tuesday (May 1). The shirt was eye-catching, for sure — a short sleeved brown silk shirt from designer Reed Krakoff emblazoned with a bright yellow fish and a bird.

Critics of the well-heeled GOP couple were quick to point out that the shirt — from Reed Krakoff’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection — retails for $990.

“Yet another example of how out of touch the Romney family can be with how 99 percent of Americans live,” said MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell. Adding to that impression is word from the Romney campaign that Ann does not have a stylist and likely picked out the top herself, according to ABC’s The Note.

Romney isn’t the first political woman to draw criticism for her fashion choices — during the 2008 campaign Michelle Obama was critiqued for her passion for designer frocks, despite the fact that her wardrobe is peppered with a fair amount of J. Crew. Sarah Palin also ignited a fashion kerfuffle during the same campaign when news broke that she had spent McCain/Palin campaign funds shopping her little heart out at Neiman-Marcus.

What do you think? Should political wives dress down — or cheaper — to avoid appearing out-of-touch with the average American?

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson