anna chlumsky Anna Chlumsky before and after: 'My Girl' all grown upIf you never saw Anna Chlumsky‘s first big-screen starring role, 1991’s “My Girl,” we feel sorry for you. Seriously, rent it as soon as possible. Chlumsky, then 11 years old, played the most adorable hypochondriac ever, opposite a young Macaulay Culkin. We will forever remember her singing “Do Wah Diddy” and wailing, “Thomas J. can’t see without his glasses!”

Chlumsky, now 30, is used to people recognizing her for the role she played nearly 20 years ago. “I look just the same,” she tells the Chicago Tribune. Chlumsky quit acting shortly after she started college at the University of Chicago, where she toyed with dreams of being a horse dentist or a paleontologist.

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie