If there’s anything nearly as good as having a 2014 Super Bowl commercial, it’s almost having one, right? That’s what Newcastle is trying to convince itself of with the brewer’s non-Super Bowl commercial starring Anna Kendrick.
The ad, which runs a little over two minutes, features the “Pitch Perfect” star behind the scenes, explaining how Newcastle had no business trying to get a commercial during the Super Bowl and why she shouldn’t have been chosen to star in it. “I was surprised that I even got offered the part,” she says. “‘Cause I don’t consider myself as like ‘beer commercial babe hot’, you know? I mean, I’m hot, but like ‘approachable hot’. Like the ‘hottest girl in your improv class’ hot. Like hot to guys who feel bad calling a girl hot.”
As for why she agreed to be in the ad, the answer is simple: “I love a challenge … I’ve done indies and blockbusters, you know? I’m kind of well-rounded. Basically the only thing I haven’t done is a nude scene and get paid a s*** ton of money to be in a commercial for a beer I don’t even drink.” She says the Super Bowl ad would have given her the chance to do both, but it just won’t come to pass.
Maybe she’ll make it to the big time next year.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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