anna kendrick is awesome getty Anna Kendrick's 10 best tweets: Ryan Gosling and other things that will make you want to B her FFHey, internet. Anna Kendrick is really awesome, and not just because she was spectacular in that George Clooney movie and can actually do the thing with the cups from “Pitch Perfect.” She is also a total dork, a spectacular tweeter, and the person we most want to be our BFF if Jennifer Lawrence refuses to fill the position.

Yes, this week Kendrick tweeted something really funny and kind of uncomfortable about Ryan Gosling and masturbation, but some of us already knew that she was a hilarious tweeter.

For those of you who have just started following Kendrick and thus are unaware of her all-encompassing awesome greatness, we have helpfully compiled 10 Anna Kendrick tweets that make us want to kidnap her and force her to come to all our birthday parties.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie