Dannielynnlarrybirkhead Larry Birkhead has been raising his daughter, Dannielynn Smith, in her mother, Anna Nicole Smith‘s, Coldwater Canyon home.

But Larry tells Life & Style magazine that he’s put the home on the market and they’re moving to a new home with a backyard.

“You know, I always said I’d never sell, but the longer we’ve been here, the more I’ve realized it’s not built for children," Larry tells Life & Style. "We live over a canyon, and while the view’s great, there’s no backyard. I’ve bought Dannielynn every toy under the sun, but they can’t replace a yard. She doesn’t have a place to have her friends over to play.”

He’s already seen one in Calabasas that he likes. "It’s a little farther out in L.A. than we are now, so it’s less crazy. And there are tons of children in the neighborhood. It seems very kid-friendly."

But little Dannielynn’s also got another home with a yard: a 10,000-square-foot house in Louisville, Kentucky, near Larry’s family.

"I’ve thought about moving there permanently at some point, when it’s time to find a good school for Dannielynn. That will be on the horizon soon."

Larry has kept a closet of Anna Nicole’s clothes — from casual to glam — for Dannielynn. “I want her to understand how beautiful and glamorous her mom was."

And he’s planning to give his daughter his cross necklace that matches the one Anna Nicole was wearing when she died, when she’s old enough.

Sounds like this little girl will have a much more stable childhood than poor Anna Nicole had.

And a much better life as a result.

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead