Tvfashw426 Anne Burrell, completely at home in the

kitchen, tastes and chats as she cooks. And that makes the rest of us feel

pretty comfortable.

Of course she has her chef whites, but the

host of Food Network’s Saturday series Secrets of a Restaurant Chef tends to

not wear the double-breasted starched coat that chefs favor in restaurants.

Instead, on her program, she wears what so many women do — fun skirts and casual

tops. Burrell is the size of most American women, meaning she actually eats the

delicious food she cooks, and she has curves, making her easier to relate to

than the size zeros.

“Mostly I think of myself as colorful,”

Burrell says. “I dress mostly for color and comfort. And because of what I do,

I have to be comfortable. I try to do what I do with practicality, but I am a

girl in a man’s world. I try to do so with some sort of femininity and flair.”

Like other chefs, Burrell spends an

inordinate amount of time on her feet. And like Mario Batali, she wears clogs,

though hers (sorry, Mario) are more fashionable than day-glo orange.

Burrell favors Sanita.

“I try to find them in colors and patterns

that are not always readily available,” she says.

“I’m not neat; that’s where Marni comes

in,” Burrell says. “Marni keeps me cleaned up.”

Marni is Burrell’s costume designer, who

goes by one name. A Hawaiian native who lives in Brooklyn, Marni describes

Burrell’s look as “basically happy, fun, sparkly. She wears a lot of color. And

that’s what I love about her, especially for someone living in New York.”

Marni refers to the basic Manhattan uniform

of black with splashes of navy and gray.

She shops for Burrell at Anthropologie, Ann

Taylor Loft and Macy’s, particularly for the INC line. She also shops at Saks,

Bloomingdales, Lucky Brand, H&M and a Japanese boutique in SoHo, Uniqlo.

Burrell’s personal style dictates that she

always wears mismatched socks.

“She is completely comfortable in her

skin,” Marni says. “And that makes my life so easy.”

“All the old ladies in Italy cook in

dresses,” Burrell says. “I haven’t cooked in pants in years. It’s so

comfortable; free to be you and me.”

Plus, her fashion feeds her food.

“I just think that cooking starts with your

mental attitude,” Burrell says. “If you feel you look fun and look cute, it

permeates everything. Everyone does a better job when they feel they look good.

Wearing a skirt to me is as easy as wearing a pair of shorts. And you feel good

and girly in the summer. That and a T-shirt and a pair of flip-flops is low

maintenance. If you are feeling good when you are cooking, it tastes good.”

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler