justin bieber anne frank stepsister gi Anne Frank's stepsister defends Justin Bieber's 'Belieber' comment

One more person has chimed in with their thoughts on Justin Bieber’s comment that he hoped Anne Frank would have been a belieber. This person’s opinion carries more weight than many that have spoken so far, as she’s Frank’s stepsister.
Eva Schloss is a Holocaust survivor, whose mother married Frank’s father in 1953, after Anne’s 1945 death. Though the two knew each other as children, they belonged to different social circles and were not particularly close.
At 83 years old, Schloss doesn’t think it’s crazy to think Anne would have been a belieber. “It’s so childish,” she says to the Telegraph, “She probably would have been a fan. Why not?” Schloss points to the fact that Bieber is a young man, while Frank was a young girl who “liked film stars and music.” So she believes it’s not out of the realm of possibility that the girl could have been a fan of the singer. 
As for why the story has gained so much attention, Eva has an idea about that too, saying, “They make a lot of fuss about everything that is connected with Anne Frank.”
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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