raffaello follieri anne hathaway gi Anne Hathaway ex Raffaello Follieri shares private picturesAnne Hathaway is happily engaged to Adam Shulman but ex Raffaello Follieri wants to remind the world that “The Dark Knight Rises'” Catwoman was once his main squeeze. Now out of prison where he spent four years for fraud and money laundering, Follieri released a handful of private pictures of himself and Hathaway.

The snapshots, which are being distributed by Los Angeles-based photo agency Coleman-Rayner, show Hathaway happily ensconced behind dark-rimmed glasses and a newspaper on a yacht, swimming, chatting with former President Bill Clinton and celebrating Christmas.

Aside from monetary gain, it’s hard to determine what Follieri’s aim in releasing these pictures now might be. All we can say is, dude, she’s moved on. ]]>

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson