anne hathaway lindsay lohan gi Anne Hathaway: Lindsay Lohan and I 'have more in common' than people thinkAnne Hathaway, bona fide movie star, says in a new interview that she has more in common with Lindsay Lohan, bona fide cautionary tale, than people realize.

Both, of course, started in Disney films and made the crossover to movies not made for kids. But that’s where the similarities would seem to end. Hathaway went on to a successful and critically respected film career while Lohan squandered her opportunities and spiraled into addiction and legal snags.

“Lindsay Lohan and I have more in common than people think. We’ve all done things we shouldn’t,” Hathaway tells the U.K.’s Sun.

“It is just that I did stuff at college when nobody knew about it, so I’m not a saint. I wasted time doing self-destructive things. I found out you can only dance on so many table tops. I got all that out of my system and I am healthy and grounded.”

Hathaway thanks her mother for helping to keep her grounded and on the right track.

“My mother, Kate McCauley, taught me to be always understanding of other people — and to have a sense of humor about yourself,” says Hathaway.

On Saturday (March 3) we’ll get to see how much of a sense of humor Lohan has about herself when she hosts “Saturday Night Live.”

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson