anne hathaway wardrobe malfunction devastated Anne Hathaway on her wardrobe malfunction: 'They saw everything'

Anne Hathaway made one of the biggest mistakes an actress in a daring dress can make when she walks the red carpet: She didn’t wear any underwear. The 30-year-old accidentally flashed the photographers with a bit more than they bargained for when she got out of her car at the “Les Miserables” New York premiere, and she has now come out to say that she was devastated by learning what happened.

“I was getting out of the car and my dress was so tight that I didn’t realize it until I saw all the photographers’ flashes,” Hathaway tells Vanity Fair, via The New York Daily News. “”It was devastating. They saw everything. I might as well have lifted up my skirt for them.”

NY Daily News has a couple of pointers from fashionistas meant for Hathaway and other actresses who have faced similar wardrobe malfunctions in the past. Chief among them: Keep your knees together, and wear underwear — and, if all else fails, just slap on a pair of Spanx.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz