anne hathaway harpers bazaar uk Anne Hathaway says she has no sex appeal, is not 'cool' like Rihanna

If you’re not tired of hearing Anne Hathaway talk about Anne Hathaway, then you may be one of a select few. The actress has been doing press out the wazoo in promotion of “Les Miserables,” and hence, her Oscar campaign.
This time Anne was telling too much to Harper’s Bazaar UK, for an interview featured in the February issue, when she began lamenting about not being cool or sexy, and having to team up to fight for her to get interesting roles, and yada, yada, blah.
“I’m not Rihanna,” says Hathaway. “I’m not cool. When people come up to me in the street, they often want a hug not a photo, and they want that because they like my work.”
Hmm, are we the only ones who don’t really think of Anne has the huggable type?
Hathaway says she never identified with the “very vanilla” image of her and complains that, according to the world, she “had no grit, no sex appeal.”
Wait, so does she have grit and sex appeal now that she became overly emaciated for a movie role? Or is that because she flashed her nether region to the world at the film’s premiere?
Now that she’s sexy and gritty, Anne says she’s worried about turning 30 amid a “new  crop of girls [who are] so gorgeous, and so 22 years old.”
Aww, do we hear sad violins playing for Anne, or is that the “Les Mis” soundtrack?
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