annie oakley archives Annie Oakley gun sells for $143,000 at Texas auctionAs a sharpshooter in Wild West shows, Annie Oakley would routinely wow fans with her skills with a gun. But it is now one of these weapons that really is wowing people.

A shotgun once owned by Oakley sold for $143,000 at a Dallas auction on Saturday (June 9). The gun was one of about 100 items that sold a Heritage Auctions’ “Legends of the Wild West” sale, this according to the Associated Press. Other items sold by Oakley’s great-grandnieces include a Stetson hat, letters and photos.

“I’ve not ceased being amazed by her enduring legacy,” says Terrye Holcomb, one of Oakley’s descendants.

The weapon that sold for $143,000 was a Parker Brothers 12-gauge shotgun. While the purchaser was not identified, Tom Slater of Heritage Auctions says it went to a private collector of items from Oakley and Buffalo Bill.

“Annie Oakley was arguably America’s first female superstar, touring the US and the world in the late 1800s and early 20th century and demonstrating her legendary Wild West sharpshooting skills,” Slater says.

Oakley died in 1926 at age 66. 

Posted by:David Eckstein