annie potts gcb gi Annie Potts shocked at ABC's 'GCB' cancellationAnnie Potts, the fabulous Gigi in “GCB,” did not see the show’s cancellation coming, she tells Zap2it.
“I was totally flabbergasted,” Potts says of the abrupt end to ABC’s intentionally over-the-top show.
The Kristin Chenoweth-fronted show was intended to take the place of “Desperate Housewives.” Instead it was pulled after just 10 episodes.
“I just didn’t dream it would be canceled,” Potts says. “It seemed we were doing well, but these networks are big corporations and they have their money markets and everything is done by numbers.”
Potts stars in the upcoming “The Music Teacher,” an Hallmark movie, and talked about other cuts, like how far too many school districts cut music programs and seem to care only about math.
Alas, for “GCB,” the numbers and what the studio was spending and reaping on the show all come down to math.

“There we are again, back to the math,” Potts says. “I was really, really disappointed… I loved the character so much, oh gosh was she fun. Well the DVD is out now — with all 10 of them.”

And as far as DVDs go, the final season of her long-running CBS sitcom “Designing Women,” she played the plucky Mary Jo Shively, will be issued next month.
“I wish I had a cut from it, that’s what I wish,” Potts says. “But hey mazel tov to those who do.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler