Oh, for crying out loud.

At the rate this is going, I think the producers of Lost should buy bicycles for everyone in their casts and be done with it.

Daniel Dae Kim, better know to you Lost fans as Jin, Sun’s husband, has added his name to the ever-growing ranks of Lost cast members that have been arrested for a driving-related incident:

"Other cast members have run into problems on the island as well. Cynthia Watros and Michelle Rodriguez were both busted for DUI, while Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje was arrested for driving without a license."

And those three all met untimely deaths on the Island after their run-ins with the law. Hmmm.

Now, if you believe the producers of Lost, none of those deaths were directly related to their off-camera activities. So for those of you wondering if Jin will meet his maker during Season 4, fear not. Unless of course Jin was always meant to be the next major death on the show. (After all, no one’s safe on this show, except maybe Vincent.)That being said, I have a feeling the pregnancy of Sun and Jin will be an ever-evolving storyline, one with increasing importance. Sun’s pregnancy lies at the very heart of Ben Linus’ endgame on the Island, and thus Sun will be put in the crosshairs of both The Others and The Freighters, or whatever fans have decided to call the people just offshore. As such, I’m sure the show will need Jin around a bit longer.

But c’mon, o ye cast of Lost: you’re making good money. Call a cab! Know what? I might just have to move down to Hawaii and start my very own Lost shuttle service. I can just slap a Dharma logo onto the side of a Camry, call myself "Namaste Shuttle", and away I go. This way, I keep these actors out of trouble and get the best scoop as I interview their inebriated selves as I drive them home.

Sound like a plan?

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Posted by:Ryan McGee