anthony Anthony Borgese: 'Sopranos' actor pleads guilty to extortionTalk about life imitating art.

Actor Anthony Borgese, best known for his roles on “Sopranos” and in “Goodfellas,” pleaded guilty to extorting a debtor who was beaten by mob members. In Brooklyn Federal Court on Wednesday, Feb. 9, Borgese said, “I used extortionate means to collect a debt from a person who lived near Monticello.”

The victim ended up with a broken jaw and broken rib after he failed to pay money to an upstate car dealership. The owner of the dealership recruited Borgese to help collect the debt.

Defense lawyer Kevin Faga pointed out that Borgese, 72, “did not lay a hand on anybody.” “It’s a difficult day for him,” he says. “He’s embarrassed and he’s concerned for his family’s privacy.”

Borgese faces up to 41 months in prisoned when he is sentenced in later summer. The late sentencing date was chosen so it wouldn’t interfere with a charity golf tournament Borgese hosts every summer.

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