anthony edwards tom cruise goose top gun 325 Anthony Edwards on 3D 'Top Gun': 'I don't know if we necessarily need it'Anthony Edwards admits to mixed feelings about “Top Gun” going back into the danger zone, this time in 3D.

Returning to series television in the ABC suspense drama “Zero Hour” starting Thursday, Feb. 14, the “ER” veteran soon will be seen again as Goose — amiable pal and co-pilot of Tom Cruise‘s Maverick — when the 1986 adventure classic gets a six-day run in IMAX theaters starting Friday, Feb. 8. The 3D version then will make its Blu-ray debut Tuesday, Feb. 19.

“I just got my pilot’s license a year ago, and I love flying,” Edwards tells Zap2it, “so from that point of view and how the [film’s] flying sequences were done, I guess it’s exciting. I don’t know if we necessarily need it again, but a lot of people love that movie.”

Edwards adds it doesn’t surprise him that “Top Gun,” directed by the late Tony Scott, is getting such treatment now: “Once you get things digitized, you can do anything, and they’re able to digitize all kinds of images now. In ‘The Hobbit,’ is there an actual undigitized frame in that film? I doubt it … but it’s so beautiful, you buy it.

“What’s even more historically interesting is that ‘Top Gun’ was made when you still had to go out and film the sky, so you could have it projected in back of the cockpit. Green screen and all that stuff was just in its infancy. It’ll be interesting to see this, because it’s such old technology it was shot on, as opposed to now. We’re shooting this new TV show digitally, and it looks spectacular. We don’t even need a light.”

Still, Edwards maintains it takes more than how something looks. “When it’s also part of the story, it’s great,” he reasons, “but if it’s just the technology, audiences get bored.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin