antonio banderas aarp magazine Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith talk marriage in AARP MagazineWhile recent reports have longtime Hollywood couple Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith on the verge of divorce, the pair seem very much in love as they open up about their marriage in the November issue of AARP The Magazine.

Banderas says the secret to their marriage is that they know they’ll go through troubled times. “The secret is that we had failures before,” he says. “And love at the beginning is a rush. It’s big, full of energy, beautiful. But it doesn’t last like that. Melanie and I talked about that a lot.”

If they remember that, they’ll be able to get through the bad times. “Even in crisis, we have been patient enough to detect that at the end of the tunnel was a light. We have had as many problems as anybody,” Banderas says. “We’ve never hidden it.”

Basically, Griffith says communication is key. “We’re willing to change with each other, let old things die and new things be born. But it’s a constant endeavor.”

Still, the divorce rumors have Banderas cheating on his wife of 16 years. He addresses infidelity in the AARP interview, saying, 
“It’s a very, very personal issue how you deal with that. [You have to ask yourself ] if you are willing to damage what you have — your kids, your family, your friends. How do you deal in your sexual life with your wife? How rich can you make it in order to not have to look for something outside your marriage? What other things can you do, in your home? What are the things that you may tell her, or are you going to be always lying?”

Do these sound like the words of a family in crisis?

Posted by:Jean Bentley