nikki jill real l word 'Real L Word': What really happens between Nikki, Jill  and DerekAnyone already hooked on Showtime’s sexy new show, “The Real L Word,” should read this before they watch the second episode on Sunday (June 27).

Two of the show’s stars tell The Dish Rag exclusively that not everything you see about their relationship on that episode of the series — a reality version of Showtime’s scripted series “The L Word” — is true.

According to Nikki and Jill, the couple who have known each other since camp and are planning their wedding, there was some editing in the second episode to create the impression of drama in their relationship where none exists.

Here are the deets: On Sunday’s show, you’ll see Jill and Nikki picking up Jill’s longtime male pal, Derek (whom she once dated), at the airport. You later see Jill telling him in the car, “Take your shirt off!” There’s also a mention of the concept of “sexual fluidity,” with Nikki insisting she’s not worried about Derek and Jill’s close friendship. There’s also a scene of Jill hugging Derek while Nikki is across the street, looking visibly exasperated. Uh-oh, right?

]]>Not so fast. Here’s what really happened: “Derek had just gotten a tattoo in Thailand and I said to him, ‘Take your shirt off, I’ve gotta see the tattoo,'” Jill explains. “But all you hear me say is ‘Take your shirt off.'” About Jill hugging Derek, she says it was because she hadn’t had a chance to properly greet him at the airport because he just hopped in the car. And when she finally hugged him a proper hello, Nikki had gone across the street to take a business call because she didn’t want the conversation overheard by the camera crew. “I was on the phone with a client and found out I didn’t get this project and I was like, ‘Aaaaaahhh.’ And that’s the shot they used,” Nikki explains. “You missed the phone. All you see is my reaction!” Both women joke that their life is so boring, it probably needed some spicing up. But the ladies aren’t staying quiet about it: “We are having a live stream webcast after the second show and I am going to address it,” Nikki adds. The series is done shooting so it’s all in the editing now. Nikki and Jill admit they never wanted to be reality TV stars and agreed to be in the show after being assured by “The L Word” creator Ilene Chaiken that it would be a “docu-series” to highlight “aspirational stories.” And there was another important reason: to show the world how normal gay life really is. “After Nikki asked my father for permission to marry me, he said he needed a minute,” Jill says. “He spent a week and a half with us and really got to know us as a couple and the whole gay thing just slipped away. I thought, ‘What if we could do this on a larger scale?'” Coming tomorrow: the REAL story about Nikki and Jill’s rings, who’s paying for that wedding and their close relationships with the other girls on the show. Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead