aol tiger woods getty AOL's hottest searches of 2010: From bedbugs to Tiger Woods, this is what you care about, America?

What did America care about in 2010? AOL just released their list of the hottest searches this year and while some make sense, others tell us that America, we just ain’t right.
No. 1 Tiger Woods – As in golf, Tiger Woods seemingly gave 110% to being the “most cheating-est” husband alive. So, it took a couple searches a day to keep up with all the news around the notorious car accident and then the mistresses that just kept coming out of the woodwork. So, we can understand why this topped the list.
Tsk, tsk: No. 8 Heidi Montag – Being a pop culture blog, we know we are partially to blame for filing stories on Heidi Montag: her transformation into a blow up doll and her “divorce” from Spencer Pratt. But, obviously you are all searching for her and we must serve our readers! We are all part of the problem.

aol alice in wonderland 2 AOL's hottest searches of 2010: From bedbugs to Tiger Woods, this is what you care about, America?

No. 1 “Alice in Wonderland” – The seventh pairing between director Tim Burton and Johnny Depp coming in First Place is both well-deserved for their quirky 3-D version of the classic novel, but surprising. It pushed “Toy Story 3” and vamp obsession, “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” to second and third place, respectively. There may be hope for America, yet.
Tsk, tsk: No. 9 “The Last Airbender” – Despite negative reviews, controversy over its casting of Caucasian actors in Asian roles, and the fact that M. Night Shyamalan directed it (he’s not quite at the top of his game, people), Americans forked over their money in droves. The “Twilight” vamps kept it from topping the box office. A fool and his money are soon parted.
No. 1 Betty White – She’s our last “Golden Girl,” a national treasure and hi-larious. She rode the bubble from the Facebook campaign to host SNL, to landing a hit TV Land show, “Hot in 

aol betty white getty AOL's hottest searches of 2010: From bedbugs to Tiger Woods, this is what you care about, America?

Cleveland,” appeared in NBC’s “Community,” launched a clothing line and apparently inspired a comic book. Give Betty anything she wants, America.
Tsk, tsk: No. 8 Jeggings – Really? The fashion style that mated jeans and leggings was one of America’s top 10 trends, yet only a handful of people actually look good in them. Yeah, we said it. Jeggings aren’t for everyone, so the fact that it ranked so highly frightens us.   
No. 1 BP oil spill – In a world full of people who believe that global warming doesn’t exist and feel two feet is too far to throw recyclables in the right bin, the BP oil spill was a very visual way of showing what havoc man can reap on the environment. That and the comedy of errors BP displayed in capping the spillage made for some very passionate outcries from both celebrities and worried citizens.
Tsk, tsk: No. 5  Tea Party – Oh, the loons that make up the Tea Party and the American obsession to find out what latest crazy they’re up to. This group of “grassroots” conservatives have compared President Obama to Hitler and call Sarah Palin one of their own. Isn’t that enough proof that they aren’t quite working with a full deck? Nevertheless, they drove several wins in the last election and according to AOL, 18% of Americans say they support the group. Mercy.
No. 1 Bedbugs – They were all the rage this year as New York City reported an infestation that fueled many a traveler to think twice about lying in their NYC hotel bed.
Tsk, tsk: No. 6 The 3 day diet – Really, America? Three days isn’t even enough time to burn off a piece of gum, let alone lose real weight. We thought healthy was in and fad diets were out? We guess we should be thankful that the Hollywood baby food diet didn’t make the top 10. That would’ve been beyond disturbing.
For the full list of 2010’s hottest searches on AOL, visit the website.
Which of these searches did you help place on the list?
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