elisabeth hasselbeck theview 032710 zap2it Apocalypse now?! 'The View's' Elisabeth Hasselbeck blasts Sarah PalinDid Zap2it miss the memo about the hot, fiery place down below freezing over? 

“The View’s” always outspoken, staunch Republican Elisabeth Hasselbeck went off — as she usually does daily — only Friday (March 27) her ire was pointed directly at the right side of the aisle where she resides.


Hasselbeck was fighting mad at Sarah Palin, whom she campaigned for during the presidential election, over the gun-toting crosshairs ad that the soon-to-be-TLC reality show star released. “This hasn’t been a great week in terms of, I think, the Constitution and where it says that you’re supposed to, you know, everybody is, has a mandate to have insurance,” said Hasselbeck. “But I think the way some Republicans are handling this is nothing more than purely despicable… It’s disappointing to see this come from the Party, and I would hope that leaders like Sarah Palin would end this.” Palin’s official Facebook page features her own political action committee’s ad targeting 20 Democratic incumbents. The SarahPac map marks the districts where Democrats voted “yes” for the health care reform bill using iconic guns. Because nothing screams reach-across-the-aisle bipartisanship more than symbolic firearms, right? Co-host Joy Behar who’s never one to mince words said the map looked “like an Al Qaeda Christmas card.” Behar’s statement then kicked off the aforementioned berating from Hasselbeck, who shockingly agreed with Behar’s assessment. Wow, the only piece which was missing from this alternative universe “View” exchange would’ve been Hasselbeck using a Hillary Clinton-esque reprimand like “Shame on you, Sarah Palin!”

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Posted by:Joseph Anthony Kapsch