kristen stewart best dressed say what gi Apparently blind Glamour readers name Kristen Stewart best dressed

Kristen Stewart tops the Best Dressed Celebrity poll in Glamour UK for the second year in a row, which only proves Glamour readers are as stoned as K-Stew was at this year’s Oscars.
The reluctant red carpet star is blessed with endless options of designer duds to wear to premieres, photo calls, and awards shows. But she generally wears them awkwardly — as she does most things — and frequently refuses to don appropriate heels, opting instead for her own worn-in sneaks. It’s also questionable whether Kristen has access to a hair brush, and when she dresses herself, she’s a total disaster. (See: Coachella.)
More often than not, the on-again, off-again girlfriend of Robert Pattinson is photographed wearing one of her man’s dirty, oversized t-shirts from the night before, or covering up her tangled hair with one of R-Pattz’ ball caps. 
So, someone please explain how exactly Kristen beats out the likes of worldwide fashion icon Kate Middleton — who consistently produces sold out frocks by merely stepping out her front door in one of them — or fashion designer Victoria Beckham — because the woman wasn’t called Posh Spice for nothing, right?
For the record, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, and Katy Perry also fall below Stewart in the Top 10 from Glamour’s poll. Though it’s arguable whether Kristen should have landed on the list at all, we might be willing to concede to the Katy thing.
So, what do you think? Is Kristen Stewart a deserving Best Dressed honoree? Vote in our poll below.

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