Apparently, Oscar favorite Mickey Rourke is not that devastated by his Chihuahua Loki’s death.

Mickeyrourke_laughing Loki passed away Monday at age 18, and the next day, Mickey Rourke was feeling strong enough to go to designer Domenico Vacca‘s runway show during New York Fashion Week.

Oddly, Mickey was so distraught in 2002 when Loki’s father, Beau Jack, died, he couldn’t return to his home for weeks.

He told reporters: "I gave him mouth-to-mouth for 45 minutes before they peeled me off. Depressed? He died at my home, and I didn’t go back for two weeks."

Maybe that’s why he’s not hiding out at home now. Or is Mickey looking for a hot new model girlfriend, maybe one who loves little dogs, because he still has a few more pooches at home?

Do stars look cuter with puppies? You decide!

Rourke used to be a familiar face at the Big Apple shows when he was married to model Carre Otis.

But then there was their very public breakup, a 1994 spousal abuse charge (charges were eventually dropped) and him going on all creepy ex-boyfriend, following her around New York runways during the collections.

Maybe along with all his recent acting awards, he’s finally found fashion world forgiveness? 

Wonder if he’s planning on wearing a Domenico Vacca tux for his Oscar carpet stroll Sunday?

Anyway, we’re sure Loki would want his master to be happy. Dogs are like that.

So if Mickey replaces his Chihuahua with a sexy young fashion model, so be it.

To see Mickey Rourke’s L.A. mug shot from 1994, keep reading…. (Wow. He looks a lot different.)

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