tim cook keynote apple getty Apple news: Keynote introduces new Macbook Pro and smarter SiriSiri may take over the world yet. At Monday’s Apple Keynote at Worldwide Developer’s Conference, CEO Tim Cook unveiled some new products — and tech geeks everywhere immediately began to salivate.

First up is the Next Generation Macbook Pro — just 0.71 inches thick, four pounds, and boasting a new retina display as well as a 15.5-inch screen. The most basic model is $2199. If that’s too costly for you, though, there is some good news — the Macbook Air has gotten some system upgrades and the price has been reduced to $999.

They also announced the new iOS6 operating system, which boasts 200 new features — most notably, a smarter, faster version of Siri. She’ll now integrate with your car to help you out on the road, deliver sports scores, work with OpenTable to make your dinner reservations, and even speak Italian.

Facetime got an upgrade — it’ll now work with a 3G connection if there’s no wireless internet available — and Apple products will now more seamlessly integrate with Facebook and Twitter.

Will you be making any new purchases?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie