ipad mini phil schiller Apple unveils iPad Mini: It's an iPad, only a little bit smallerApple’s latest product announcement on Tuesday (Oct. 23) had fans breathlessly awaiting the arrival of a new, smaller iPad. Which is what they got.

CEO Tim Cook and Apple’s marketing chief, Phil Schiller (that’s him in the photo), unveiled the iPad Mini at the end of the presentation, and it is indeed a mini version of the standard iPad (which also got an upgrade). It weighs about half as much as a standard iPad — just under 11 ounces vs. about 21 ounces for the larger model — and has a 7.9-inch display, compared to 9.7 inches on the bigger model. Apple is emphasizing that you can hold the iPad Mini in one hand.

The Mini has the same resolution as a standard iPad, so all apps and other functions are designed to work the same. It’s available for pre-order on Friday; prices start at $329 for a wifi-only, 16GB model. Models with both wifi and cellular capability will be available two weeks after that and start at $459.

Also Tuesday, Cook and Apple announced a fourth-generation full-sized iPad with a faster processor, Retina display and other upgrades; a new, thinner iMac; a smaller and cheaper Mac Mini; and a thinner, lighter, optical drive-less 13-inch MacBook Pro, which also now has the Retina display.

Posted by:Rick Porter