Hansolo Ah, April Fools’ Day, a day when even the most trusted people can’t be trusted. This applies to the media as a whole, not just that prankster Ashton Kutcher. Hey, as long as we’re in on the joke, it’s all good.

Here’s a round-up of some of the top entertainment-related stories that have been spawned — and sometimes supported with "fauxtos" — in honor of the unofficial holiday that values practical jokes, hoaxes and misdirection.


Harrison Ford Returns As Han Solo

Superman Vs. Spiderman Film Announced

Sea Monkeys Movie Coming to the Big Screen

BREAKING: Christian Bale and Brandon Routh Sign for ‘Justice League!!!’

‘X-Files 2’ Movie Title: ‘The X-Files: Full Moon Rising’

Jake Gyllenhaal replaces Tobey Maguire in next ‘Spider-Man’ movie

Cloverfield Monster in ‘Transformers 2’

Tyler Perry Moves on From Comedy to… Horror?!

Colin Farrell in ‘Once’ Remake

CAMEO: Wolverine to Make Appearance in Incredible Hulk Movie!

Steven Spielberg to Remake ‘Duel’ and Possibly ‘Jaws’?!


Scott Baio Demands a ‘Bronze Chachi’

‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Star Gordon Ramsay to Ban Swearing in Restaurants

More to come as the day progresses …

What’s the best April Fools’ Day joke you played or was played on you?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen