Sony Q.jpgThere are hoaxes all over the internet on April 1st. A “True Blood”/“Vampire Diaries” crossover was a funny one we came across this morning. (Also, would that not be brilliant?) You’re probably pranking your friends and family right now, with fake vomit, erroneous news reports and death hoaxes. (Those seem to happen every day on Twitter.) If you’re French or Italian, you’re sticking paper fish to other people’s backs. Here is a look at where the holiday came from.

April Fool’s Day has been around a long time. The first recorded mention of the holiday is in Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales” in 1392. The line read “Syn March bigan thritty dayes and two.” In the story, the cook Chauntecleer is tricked by a fox. Other people believed this to mean March 32. Other people believe it came from the change in the Georgian Calendar that gave this widespread notice. New Year’s Day was moved from a week long event running March 25 through April 1 to January 1, and it took some “fools” a while to figure that out.

There are some great pranks out there on the internet today. The writers of “Happy Endings” changed their Twitter handle from @HappyWrites to @FriendsWriters and tweeting things like “We don’t know how the show ends. Please stop asking. We’re just doing
first thought right now like maybe Joey goes to LA. Who knows?” and “Guys. Please stop asking if Ross and Rachel are gonna get together. We don’t yet. We’re still writing!!!”

Google Maps have an 8 bit version of the world for us and Google has a “Really Advanced Search” feature up today. Sony even put up a video with their brand new “Worlds Smallest Laptop,” called the Sony Q.

Our favorite of the day? Kodak introduces a “Print your own live kittens” device. Oh, we wish that one were true! Kittens always win. Did you play a prank on anyone today? Share your comic genius below.

Posted by:jbusch