april dharmaclock April Fool's pranks: 'Lost' clock, 'Supernatural' Joss Whedon and moreIt’s April, you fools, when a young man’s fancy turns to pranking.

Google, YouTube, Funny or Die and other sites around the ‘net have been getting in on the action, and we’ve compiled a some of our favorite pranks, faux news and silly homages.

“Lost” Dharma Initiative Alarm Clock

The dudes at Thinkgeek really outdid themselves this time, and as “Lost” fans, we were totally buying it (literally and figuratively).

“Our Dharma Initiative Alarm Clock is conveniently programmable to go off only once every 24 hours, and at a convenient time for you,” reads the ad text. “But if you don’t get the numbers right before you see the hieroglyphs, there’s no guaranteeing what will happen.”

A few of our favorite features listed include:

  • Two alarm settings: one-minute warning and electromagnetic cataclysm modes
  • 23-year warranty, or until your house implodes
  • Walt, geodisic dome, and polar bear not included

Unfortunately, the $49.99 price was indeed too good to be true. Clicking on the “Buy” button brings up a “Happy April Fool’s Day” screen.

D’oh! We blame The Others.

Check out the video:

Joss Whedon takes over ‘Supernatural’

Firefox News claimed the exclusive scoop on beloved “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” creator taking over the executive producer reins of The CW’s “Supernatural” and bringing on Eliza Dushku from the now defunct “Dollhouse.”

Some of the silliest statements:

  • “We confess that ‘Supernatural’ has not treated women very well, and since we’ve killed off all female characters that had any fan appeal, we need some new ones.”
  • “We’re using CGI filter to soften [Eliza] up a bit and add a few curves so that she will appeal to men more. Eliza’s a great actor, but she’s handicapped by lack of male appeal.”
  • “Our hope is to protect the fans, and our financial interests, by giving the fans a suitable alternative character to write fanfictions about.”
  • “There is a new directive to have Sam be naked and crying as much as possible.”

Starbucks new Plenta and Micra cup sizes

april starbucks April Fool's pranks: 'Lost' clock, 'Supernatural' Joss Whedon and moreThe coffee chain announced it would introduce two new beverage sizes: The Plenta, which holds a whopping 128 oz. of caffeinated goodness, and the Micra, which offers only a 2 oz. thimble-full.

The phony press release also suggests other uses for the Plenta cup: “popcorn receptacle, rain hat, perennial planter, lampshade or yoga block.” The Micra also has other potential uses: “a convenient milk dish for kittens, soft boiled egg cup or paper clip holder.”

ABC’s new programming slate

  • “W” — The show that came after “V”
  • “FlasherForward” – The future isn’t pretty.
  • “Dancing With the Tsars” — Is Peter really that great? Vote now!
  • “Brothers and Sisters” – The name’s the same, but the characters are a little, make that a lot, more religious. We’re talking monks and nuns.
  • april abc April Fool's pranks: 'Lost' clock, 'Supernatural' Joss Whedon and more“The Blind Sayid” — Football is torture

Additonal pranks:

What’s your favorite prank from the web?

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