Aquateenhungerforce_240 I always figured poodles were up to no good. offers a sneak peek of this coiffed menace seen in the upcoming Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie. The 90-second clip features Master Shake, Frylock and Meatwad "engaged in an epic battle that could well determine the very future of civilization."

Presumably, the "epic battle" is with the poodle since in the clip it’s breathing fire and shooting laser beams from its eyes. Of course, this might be a red herring, but I’d like to think if that were the case, they’d literally be fighting off a giant herring with powers to teleport or maybe knit an afghan (the dog, not the blanket).

The clip doesn’t disappoint since it really makes no sense whatsoever. For some reason, our heroes are in Egypt and emerge from the hindquarters of the Sphinx — and they’re speaking in tongues. Nifty subtitles let us know what they’re saying, but it’s business as usual with Master Shake making selfish demands, mainly for oxygen.

All the bickering gets cut off, however, when the aforementioned pooch approaches menacingly, while Frylock declares, "It’s that dog from next door. It’s the poodle from the prophecy." Master Shake and Meatwad escape in a jeep, leaving Frylock to fight the giant canine that also demonstrates the truly evil ability to walk on its hind legs.

Now, if we are to take this seriously (sure, why not?) it’s possible that the dog belongs to the Aqua Teen’s neighbor Carl, who has a bad habit of being sexually molested by packs of dogs.

Then again, this could all be an elaborate campaign by corgis to have us fear poodles. Only time will tell.

Will Frylock’s Gem of Idahockalise save the day? Will Master Shake die … again? How will the Aqua Teens keep up this surreal madness for a feature-length film? Will my socks emerge from the dryer in pairs?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen