david duchovny aquarius nbc Changing TV model lured David Duchovny back to the small screen

Zap2it: Does the way series television is being done now, with limited runs in cases such as “Aquarius,” make returning to it more appealing to you?
David Duchovny: That’s exactly right. When I finished “The X-Files,” I would have said — and I would have meant it — that I was never going to do television again, and not because television is any less legitimate as film for an actor, writer, director or producer. I would have said that at that time because there was no way I wanted to spend 10 months a year doing 22 to 25 episodes. I just didn’t have it in me at that point.
Then when the cable model started to become prevalent, which was right around that time as “Sex and the City” and “The Sopranos” started to hit, people woke up and saw this amazing work was being done in only 12 or 13 episodes [per season]. I didn’t see it coming … but a few years later, I woke up and said, “Sure, I’ll do that TV. Anytime.” And now, it’s not just cable.
Zap2it: Does the feeling of having been accepted in other projects, including your long run on “Californication,” make it more comfortable for you to return to the role of Mulder in next year’s revival of “The X-Files”?
David Duchovny: Oh, yeah. It would be a whole different story if I felt like nothing else had happened and I hadn’t been able to get anything else going during the years we were off the air. I feel a great sense of freedom in that I’m not making choices based on what other people’s perceptions of my career or my talent — or me — are.
At this point, it’s just like, “Let’s do the best work we can do, do the most interesting work we can do, and be the best artist we can be.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin