bryan cranston breaking bad 320 'Archer': Bryan Cranston to join for season finaleHe’s played a drug dealer. He’s played a downtrodden father. But Bryan Cranston has a new role on the horizon, astronaut.

The multi-time Emmy winner is slated to appear in the animated series “Archer” as an astronaut commander during a two-episode arc to close out Season 3.

Executive Producer Adam Reed tells Zap2it, “Archer and the gang are going into outer space. There’s a problem on the International Space Station. This commander [Cranston] comes in to enlist ISIS’s help and…not surprisingly things don’t go planned.”

Cranston is only one of many guest voices that the show has planned for its upcoming season. They’ve also enlisted Patrick Warburton, Burt Reynolds and Jack McBrayer to join the spy comedy at various points during the season.

Reed explains that McBrayer plays Ray Gillette’s (Adam Reed) brother who has “gotten in trouble with local law enforcement over a marijuana farm. So Ray and Archer have to go to West Virginia to help him out of it.”

When the season kicks off on Jan. 19, Burt Reynolds plays Malory Archer’s (Jessica Walter) love interest. Whether he wants to or not, Reynolds manages help save Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) from a squad of Cuban assassins.

Just another wacky day at ISIS.

Posted by:David Eckstein