archer march 22 fx 'Archer': Found in spaceSterling Archer has no problem dominating evil forces on earth. But on Thursday’s (March 22) season finale, he faces the most challenging situation yet, being held hostage in space.

When last we left off, Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) and the Isis gang have been kidnapped by Commander Anthony Drake (Bryan Cranston) in his nefarious plot to populate Mars. But the world’s greatest spy won’t give up easily, and he won’t do it without a cocktail.
In addition to using Lana’s (Aisha Tyler) body to their advantage, a couple of stowaways, Pam (Amber Nash) and Cheryl (Judy Greer), help save the day as only they can.

The surprise cameo comes from Barry (Dave Willis). Archer’s nemesis happens to be flying through the neighborhood (only in animation, right?) and lands on the space station. He comes by to challenge Archer to a robot fight. Somehow in a moment of logic and selflessness, the super spy decides that he’ll need to schedule the fight for another day.

Of all people, Cyril (Chris Parnell) plays the role of the hero flying the shuttle back to earth. To make matters even better, he decides to give Barry his comeuppance, stranding him in space…until next season.

So Zappers, what do you think of TV’s coolest spy?

Posted by:David Eckstein