kenny-loggins-archer-FX.jpgIt’s been a running joke on “Archer” for five seasons that the title character likes to espouse his love of 1986 blockbuster “Top Gun” and shout “Danger Zone” at random times as an exclamation of excitement.

Kenny Loggins, the performer and writer behind “Danger Zone,” tells reporters that he always gotten a kick out of the joke, so he was thrilled when the request came for him to guest-star on the show — though he’s playing a rather outrageous version of himself.

“That’s what I love about it the most is that it really takes and extends the character beyond anything that I’ve ever been, and I’m a total bada** in this episode and it’s fun,” Loggins tells Zap2it. “I laughed out loud [at the script]. I thought this is great, it’s a great way to push the character. I was hoping that they’d take it out of the norm, and they sure did.”

Loggins, or “K-Log,” as he likes to be called on the show, performs a country-fied version of “Danger Zone” with Cheryl’s new country music alter ego, Cherlene, which Loggins admits he was skeptical about at first.

“I never would have thought ‘Danger Zone’ would make a good country song,” says Loggins, adding that “the early stuff, the Loggins and Messina era,” is what really lends itself to be country-fied. But of course, now that he’s heard the country version of “Danger Zone,” he’s on board, saying he could possibly do a live duet of it in the future.

“I could see me doing a duet with [Jessy Lynn Martens, who voices Cherlene’s singing],” says Loggins. “It’d be interesting to do an
animated version of ‘Cherlene’ singing her part and I would play the
video and sing live with that. … [laughs] Let’s do that at the Emmys.”

Loggins also says that he enjoyed how involved he was able to be in the process. “There were four different versions of me as a cartoon that they had wanted to run by me to see which one I liked the best,” says Loggins. “The one that they used is sort of a composite of three different versions of ‘K-Log.’ … They wanted an ’80s version and every composite that they sent me, every shell was a variation of the ’80s Kenny Loggins because they felt that would be the most recognizable, and I have to agree.”

“I really enjoyed doing it,” Loggins concludes. “I’d be happy to do another appearance. … I think the episode came out better than we had anticipated. It really works, and I’m hoping to get to do it again.”

“Archer” airs Monday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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