archer panel san diego comic con 'Archer' panel at Comic Con 2013: No episode, but plenty of laughs

Those fans who came to the “Archer” San Diego Comic-Con panel to hear discussion about “Archer” were likely sorely disappointed. Barring a satellite appearance from Sterling Archer himself and a quick Isis training video that revealed more about Pam than Isis as a corporation, much of the panel was spent with the cast just goofing off and talking about penises and anal sex. But that might have been the most “Archer” part of the panel, as the cast really does embody the characters they portray in the FX animated comedy.

In previous years, the “Archer” panel has usually shown a new episode from the upcoming season. But apparently that was impossible for 2013. “This season is so explosive we can’t show you anything and instead we just underwhelmed the f*** out of you for an hour,” Aisha Tyler explains at the end of the panel.

At least the cast did a panel read where each of the actors there portrayed a different character. That meant H. Jon Benjamin read for Captain Murphy while Lucky Yates was a very effeminate Archer, though poor Chris Parnell ended up being selected for Cyril again. The read through wasn’t even be completed before Benjamin pulled the plug, but here’s a taste:

Still, some new information was revealed during the panel. Cecil Tunt will be back, with panel moderator Eugene Mirman voicing him. Creator Adam Reed says he would like to do a Pam spinoff, saying, “It’s called ‘The Poovey Files’ and Pam is a private detective.” It might end up as a webisode, he says.

What was clear is that the cast is all friends and really genuinely like one another. “It’s probably because we don’t work together every day,” Amber Nash says. “And we like to drink,” Parnell adds.

“Archer” returns in January. A teaser of Danny McBride’s new cartoon “Chozen” was also played at the end of the panel.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz