Soon you’ll have more of everyone’s favorite super spy, Sterling Archer, at your fingertips. Not in a gross way, sickos — in the Season 2 DVD and Blu-ray of “Archer,” which comes out Dec. 27.

To prepare you for the awesomeness that awaits inside those discs, Zap2it has obtained a super-secret exclusive clip from one of the set’s special features, “Semper Fi.”

Archer, proving that he’s not really that bad of a dude, totally gives a shout out to the troops when it’s requested. Obviously, he does it in his own Archer way, which includes plenty of inappropriate comments and indirect insults toward our hero soldier in question.

The DVD and Blu-ray set also includes features like “Ask Archer,” “Archersaurus,” “Self Extinction,” “L’espoin Mal Fait” and “ISIS Invades Comic-con.” It also has all 13 episodes from Season 2, but we thought that was kind of self-explanatory. 

Check out the clip above!

Posted by:Jean Bentley