archer sea tunt 2 captain murphy lana season 4 finale fx 'Archer' Season 4 episode 13 finale review: 'Sea Tunt Part 2'   Lana is what now?The “Archer” Season 4 finale provided a strong finish to a somewhat scattershot season.

Without a clear arc like Archer’s relationship with Kayta, there were times when Season 4 felt like it was meandering even more than usual. Storylines like Malory’s marriage to Ron Cadillac and the season premiere’s re-introduction of Archer nemesis Barry Dylan — still stuck in space — never had much of a payoff. (Hey, there’s always next season!) Not that Archer necessarily needs serialized storytelling to work, it just needs to be funny.

Fortunately “Sea Tunt Part 2” was the best of both worlds, combining a satisfying conclusion to the events of last week’s “Sea Tunt Part 1” with some hilariously funny gags. Plus, it revealed a not-entirely-unexpected twist — Lana is expecting! — that could up the ante for ongoing stories next season.

While last week’s episode perfectly showcased guest vocal turns by H. Jon Benjamin’s “Bob’s Burgers” co-stars Eugene Mirman (as Cheryl’s brother Cecil) and Kristen Schaal (as his girlfriend Tiffy), this week’s conclusion belonged to Jon Hamm as the lonely and deranged undersea lab Captain Murphy. Murphy was a comic delight, right up until his death by vending machine — which makes us just a little disappointed Hamm probably won’t get a return appearance.

Unless you count the revelation of Pam’s obsession with doomsday prepping, the episode’s other big development was Ray landing back in the wheelchair and losing the use of the bionic legs Krieger built for him back in “Legs.” Maybe that counts as a season-long arc?

Whether or not Krieger crafts a quick replacement, we’ll be counting down the months (about nine months, maybe? hmm…) until Archer returns.

What did you think of the “Archer” season finale and the season overall?

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