archer isis name change season 6 Probably a good idea: 'Archer' drops ISISFor five seasons, the “Archer” agency has been known as ISIS (International Secret Intelligence Service). However, in light of the activities of the actual ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) terrorist organization, the “Archer” creators have decided to make a change to the show.

Executive producer Matt Thompson tells Zap2it that during Season 5, FX and the “Archer” team started to wonder if the real-life ISIS would become “a thing” or if they could ignore it and it would go away. But that has not been the case.

“It’s just terrible, the whole [ISIS] thing. We didn’t want to have anything to do with it. In our world, they don’t exist,” says Thompson, so now the “Archer” workplace will simply be known as the spy agency. In fact, the only acknowledgment of dropping the ISIS name will come in the form of a scene in the Season 6 premiere where the large ISIS sign is removed from the office, as part of giving the office a new look.

“The office has been redecorated by Carol/Cheryl and Pam,” says Judy Greer, with a laugh. But they aren’t the only ones leaving their mark on the new offices. H. Jon Benjamin adds, “They’re in the same office, but it’s being upgraded by Krieger, so there’s all this crazy futuristic stuff going on. Krieger’s the one to watch. You gotta watch out for the really smart, demented people.”

In a nice coincidence, the name change works organically within the plot of the show, since ISIS is having to start working as contractors for the CIA. Creator Adam Reed tells Zap2it that ISIS and the CIA “have had sort of a merger out of necessity.”

Thompson adds, “We’re contractors for the CIA and that means a lot of changes for what Malory has to think about, because she’s not technically in charge. Slater comes in and puts our group under his wing.”

“Malory is now not the boss and she has somebody over her — Christian Slater, who’s adorable,” says Jessica Walter. “But it rankles her, it’s very difficult for her to deal with.”

“Archer” Season 6 returns in 2015.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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