This week’s Dirty Laundry: We scour the Web for the best dirt so you don’t have to.

Are avid "Twilight" fans killing the next book? Stephenie Meyer is reportedly so upset about the online leak of her work on "Midnight Sun" that she hasn’t written another word and she’s not gonna. Ever.

She’s working on another novel that is not written from Edward Cullen’s point of view, like "Sun" is.

So there! See what you did!

Unfortunately, there seems to be no way to stop the casting of Dakota Fanning as Jane the young Volturi vamp.

And Robert Pattinson’s fans can catch him starring in "Little Ashes" in March. He plays artist Salvador Dali. Yes, the one with that wacky moustache.


Kim Kardashian doesn’t think Jessica Simpson looks fat at all. And why should we believe her?

By the way, I used to live near Pembroke Pines. Jessica will probably fit right in.

Should Jessica Simpson get on Britney Spears’ workout and diet plan? Because the former trainwreck’s caboose is in much better shape than Jessica’s.

Angelina Jolie wore her dress backwards to the SAG awards to be ‘comfortable.’ O RLY?  Did she make a huge fashion mistake? Or will the next Hollywood trend be wearing dresses backwards?

Joaquin Phoenix is deadly serious about his music career. Oh yeah? Well, so are we. Stop it!

The Star reports that Tony Romo cheated on Jessica Simpson IN HER OWN BED. Um, so was this before or after her saw her in that leopard print belt and granny jeans? We’re just saying.

Another Elizabeth Hasselbeck spawn is on its way.

Be afraid, people. Be very afraid.

Ratings, little brother, this babe’s for her!

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead