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Jay Leno, 58, does look eerily similar to "Britain's Got Talent" contestant Susan Boyle, 48,  in his spoof of her performance on "The Tonight Show."

According to the Daily Mail, the talk show host says there may be a reason behind their similarity in looks.

Besides the bob and the unruly brows.

"My mother came from the same part of Scotland. I think we’re related," Leno jokes after his performance, which airs tonight.

We're not so sure about the chins. They're completely different.

And for some reason, this skit feels a little … unnecessary.

Even though we're sure Susan herself would probably laugh at it, it's not that funny.

And unlike listening to — and seeing — Susan sing, watching Jay's impersonation makes us feel mean and small.

Do you agree?

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Photo: Screengrab from  "The Tonight Show" / NBC

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead