justin bieber ashtonkutcher twitter Are Justin Bieber and Ashton Kutcher no longer Twitterverse kings?Twitter apocalypse now? Stop the presses, quit messaging on your iPhone and step out of the Hootsuite: Justin Bieber is no longer a permanent trending topic and Ashton Kutcher is about to be trumped on Twitter by a pop princess!

Bieber — love ’em or hate ’em — has practically owned Twitter’s trending topics list. That was until this week when the social media site announced it had tweaked its algorithm on how it’s calculating trending topics.

]]> Greyson Michael Chance who went viral with his cover of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” is already benefiting from Twitter’s new tweaks. Greyson, who guested on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” is already making his way into trending topics. We wonder how this will jive with Bieber? Since we fully appreciate Bieber’s penchant for some mild smack talk we can’t imagine it’ll be long before he’s calling our Greyson for “biting off the Bieber bangs.” Lets not forget Bieb had a beef with the JoBros, insinuating in an MTV interview he’s got real hip-hop cred because he didn’t go the “corny” Disney route. Then JB called out People Magazine over his dissatisfaction with the cover photo they chose. In all fairness, we agree with Bieber on the photo. But if we were Greyson we’d probably lay off the assorted, colored high tops just in case.   Meanwhile, Ashton Kutcher — arguably the celebrity who helped put Twitter on the map — has some competition of his own. After winning a much ballyhooed and publicized race to 1 million followers against cable news network CNN in April 2009, it appears that Miss Britney Spears is now closing in on Kutcher. People was first to report that Spears is closing the gap between their followers every day. As of this posting, Kutcher has 4,899,071 followers while Britney is sitting pretty with 4,889,431Zap2it, as well as the magazine, points out that it’s important to note Kutcher does all his own Tweeting multiple times a day. Whereas BS Twitter duties are shared on her official handle by manager Adam Leber with Spears chiming in herself sporadically. Wow, these Twitter shakeups have us thinking we could be in for a complete off-the-wall alternate TV, celebrity and media landscape in 2010. I mean what’s next: NBC will have some TV hits on their schedule, “American Idol” will lose Simon Cowell and Lindsay Lohan will stop clubbing and get her career back on track. Well two out of three could happen, right? Follow JosephKapsch, Zap2it on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest news. Related dish: Justin Bieber is ‘dating around’ with Miley Cyrus
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